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Maria Dumlao

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Artist's Statement

In March 2005, P.S.1 unveiled its second "Greater New York" exhibition, which marketed itself as the most comprehensive survey of emerging New York artists. Shockingly the show included nearly double the number of male artists than female artists. Will 2010 be Greater Than Last Time?

Our research, as well as that of critics Jerry Saltz and Ben Davis, shows that 70% of artists with New York gallery representation are male. This statistic, reflected in the 2005 Greater New York exhibition, reveals the often subconscious but no less irresponsible perpetuation of discrimination in the art world.

It is well known that the MFA arena currently serves as the breeding ground for the emerging art market. Given that women and men are equally represented in tri-state MFA programs and respected artist registries, we ask, will the P.S.1 Greater New York curators buck the trend of the gallery world's discrimination in 2010?


Brainstormers is an art collective that, through public performance, exhibition, publication, the internet, and video, has forced discussion on a topic that most would rather avoid: gross gender inequities in the contemporary New York Art World. Please visit to view our research and links to articles investigating the art world's glass ceiling.