Margeaux Walter

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Sunday Afternoon," Digital C Print, 40" x 60"
"Commencemen,t" Photographic Lenticular, 36" x 72"
"Cheers," Photographic Lenticular, 40" x 40"
"Let's Get this Party Started," Photographic Lenticulars, 95" x 30"
"Morning Commute II," Digital C Print, 24" x 72"
Artist's Statement

I am drawn to photography and digital media because it allows me to combine reality with fantasy. Recently I have been working with lenticulars—a photographic method that allows me to compress multiple images in one plane, creating the effect of isolated motion and interaction. The scenarios I stage reveal my love-hate relationship with the very technology that enables me to create my art. I assume the role of each character, by building costumes, donning makeup and wigs, and transforming into a new personality. My images are created both with a sense of humor, and with a yearning to hold onto physical human interaction in a technologically advancing society. Maybe they will inspire some viewers to spend a little more time with their friends and families…without their BlackBerry’s.