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Delicatessen by Margarita Erkina is all tasty, rare and unique in all forms of arts – drawing, painting, photography, perfume and costume design. Delicatessen is a project based on perfume reviews of world-famous brands that developed from 2014 into a studio making perfume, paintings and clothing design developed around one of upcoming concepts. Art is my vision in life, attitude and perspective. Once I designed first logo, first corporate style, graphic design became my second personality; passion for beauty, details, refined style in everything I sign is my everyday life. I look for balance between art for art and needs of industry; I like to learn and experiment with new materials, keep myself updated but also respect old-school methods.


Margarita Erkina
86 Dooley Street • Brooklyn, NY 11235
PHONE (508) 897-7495 • E-MAIL
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Education: Graphic design, Communications
Mediums: photography, graphic design, painting, drawing, costume design, perfume