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Margaret Withers

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
blinking xozodiacal dust from tired eyes; 2011; watercolor, ink, enamel
relativity of being wrong; 2011; watercolor, ink, enamel
spindletop boomtown; 2011; watercolor, ink, enamel
butterfly flap, car crash, land spout; 2011; watercolor, ink, enamel
quiescent phase intervention; 2011; watercolor, ink, enamel
Artist's Statement

My father worked for different Texas oil companies in the 1970's and 80's, and because of the nature of the work, every two or three years my family was uprooted, moved across county lines. This series of paintings made with watercolor, ink and enamel on paper, depicts the emotional landscape of my childhood as I remember it-a blur of color and movement flashing by the static iconography of the past: those tiny company houses where the roughnecks lived, old-style telephone poles, Humble Gasoline signs, pumpjacks and oil wells. And enveloping that landscape, out of balance in scale, space, and perspective, are these figures that seem to dominate and subdue, not with violence, but with curiosity and playful interaction. Including undertones of play and humor is my way of engaging the viewer, extending an invitation to spend some time in this space.


I currently live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I've shown my art work all over the world- in Denver, New York, Brussels, Moscow and China to name a few places. Please refer to my website for my full cv.