Margaret Inga Wiatrowski

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Title: Broken Eggs, Oneirine, an Emergence.
Something Broken Lies Under Mineral Sedation
A Mutter of Blind Fortune Groping Through the Heavy Marbling of Skies
Margaret Inga
Artist's Statement

These images are constructed realities; staged scenarios based on imperceptible disturbances, unseen forces. These places, like our own, are man-made, filled with mundane and precious things, some of which are delicate and alive, while others are deceptively synthetic, spoiled, abandoned. I'm fascinated by these neglected places, their damaged objects, the false stories they tell, and the border between the artificial and natural, cherished and forsaken, living and lifeless. These are imagined ontologies, filled with vestiges of idyllic reverie, and the frailty and filth of spaces that know no specific locations-- only a world that has not yet been cleared away.


Margaret Inga Wiatrowski was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1978. She received her BA in Literature from Barnard College, Columbia University in 2001 and a Master of Science in Design from Pratt Institute in 2004.

Margaret’s work revolves around an interest in fabricating contemporary vanitas: artificial scenarios that aim to create deliberately entropic, semi-abstract images from which little can be discerned as either real, symbolic, or illusory. Her work builds on traditions established in still life painting and staged tableaux, but instead of arranging collected tokens or ready-mades, these images are almost completely fabricated using several processes to produce false environments in miniature, entryways into murky abysses, and self contained places of ruin--work that ultimately exists ambiguously as installation, photography, and sculpture.

Currently, Margaret is living and working on New York’s Lower East Side.