Manuela Viera-Gallo

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Portrait of a Dictator. Digital print 100 x 80cms 2007
3 D Animation video 1:50. 2006
DIGGING THE AMERICAN DREAM video preformance 4:50 2008
Domestic Violence Installation For the private collection Trebesice Castle, Chezc Republic 2009. cotton rope, ceramic18 x 18 mt2
Artist's Statement

My work addresses social and political distress, such as Chile's recent
traumatic events and memory, through my own experience
as an immigrant and cultural nomad.
In my pieces, I manipulate the processes of political and social
unsteady and ever-changing memory by using aesthetic interventions
to intensify the charged imagery of former political dogmas
and iconographies that become rapidly obsolete.
“There is quite some of this anarchistic energy and humor
in Viera Gallos‘works but foremost an allegorical impulse
to keep the processes of memory critically active
by deconstructing and transforming its notorious
objects and sites.”Anke Kempkes


I was born in Rome during my family’s political exile from Chile.
We finally where allowed to return to Santiago de Chile, where I grew-up and studied Arts. In 2005 I moved to New York City.
Solo Exhibitions Valenzuela and Klenner Foundation,Bogota Colombia 2007; Broadway 1602 Gallery, N York 2007; Die Ecke Gallery, Santiago, Chile 2006; Rebecca Container Gallery,Genova Italia 2005; 24/7 Gallery, London, England 2002Group Exhibitions Chelsea Art Museum , USA: East Asia Contemporary Museum, China; Contemporary Art Musuem Chile; Museo del Barrio, NY. ACMI, Australian Center for the moving Image, Australia.
Biennale -5 Bienal do Mercosur,Portoalegre, Brasil. Biennale Adriatica di Arti Nuove , San Benedetto, Italy.
Art residences - Residence 09 Futura Center for Contemporary Art, Czech Rep; FLACC Worplace for Visual Artists, Belgium.