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Manuel Alejandro Salas

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Manuel Alejandro
Artist's Statement

In Salas' paintings, the fusion of three colors creates an environment with pleasant simplicity. The splatters create an equilibrium in the human mind when subconsciously interpreting order and chaos. The work transmits harmonic satisfaction in a color wheel that can be turned infinitely.


Salas is an experimental filmmaker in the world of cinema showcasing his work in both national and international festivals. In 2015, Salas’ film Intoxicating Color was selected as an Official Selection at the Athens International Film and Video Festival. In 2014, he was chosen as a finalist at the International Art Festival competition in Chelsea, New York. Salas exhibited his work in a top art gallery, Highline Loft Gallery, in which the competition presented only 100 hand picked artworks from national and international artists. In 2013, Salas’ film Pisa was an Official Selection at the prestigious Torino Film Festival in Turin, Italy. The festival is recognized as one of the largest and most established film festivals in Europe devoted to new cinema. Pisa was also an Official Selection at the Experimental Film Festival of Portland and won for Best Religious/Spiritual Film in the 2014 Great Lakes International Film Festival.