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Applied For (A/F)

I grew up in the midst of an uprising in Darjeeling, India. A revolt raged by the Nepalese living in that region, a cause that is more than 107 years old, an issue that keeps surging, taking a toll on the dwellers of the clime.

A problem that remains unresolved even until today.

In the year 1989, the agitation was at its peak. The impact of it was such that the stories still haunt the homes and minds of the victims.

Then, I was just a child of five years.

During those days, the number plates of vehicles with an A/F type left a strong impression on me. Such plates were used on vehicles with pending registrations.

It bore a striking resemblance to the state we were in. Faceless, Nameless, Anonymous.

These drawings represent my land and my people.


Manoj Pandey is a writer/illustrator based in Darjeeling. His works have appeared in Tate London, Creative Review, The Huffington Post, Tehelka, Penguin NY blog, Litro London, The Indian Express, Kindle Magazine, New Welsh Review, Page Turners, The Sunday Eye, University of Oklahoma's literary journal and Cannes Lions, among others. This year, he has been named as one of the '200 Best Illustrators in the world' by Lurzer's Archive. Its 200 Specials annual will also feature a page from a chapbook he wrote and designed. Most of his work explores the art of storytelling through various media. And, simplicity.