Manju Shandler

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Tsunami 1, 2011 Mixed media 42x 63 inches
Whales Cars & Babes, 2011 mixed media 44 x 34 inches
Moby Under, 2012 mixed media 52 x 40 inches
Democratic Bucephalus, 2014 mixed media 43 x 43 inches
Medusa's Conquests, 2014 mixed media 43 x 43 inches
Artist's Statement

I am a visual storyteller who communicates through narrative imagery imbued with elastic meaning. My narrative mixed media paintings are a meditation on current events presented as a psychological landscape that build upon established storylines in pursuit of ordering madness in dense and complicated times.

I began the series TSUNAMI & LEVIATHANS just after the Japanese Tsunami and resulting nuclear instability in 2011. I was struck by how the devastation was compounded by human infrastructure and hunger for fuel, the images of water logged cars and crumbling nuclear power stations.

BEHEMOTH is a series of work that probes questions of nationalism and the psychological significance attached to the visual symbolism of flags. In these pieces I have used Greek statues, a symbol of democracy, wearing painted flag masks to render the nationalistic symbols meaningless, reminiscent of painted clowns or enthusiastic sports fans.


I am a visual artist and theatre designer with a BA in Performing Visual Art from Bennington College (1995).

I regularly show my artwork throughout the US and abroad. I selected as a finalist for the Art Sprinter Prize, a NYFA Artist/Entrepreneur, received University of Rhode Island’s Sea Grant for Visual Artists and The Art Asset Award from The ISE Cultural Foundation. I will be showing my work with Gallery Ho at the Affordable Art Fair: Honk Kong in 2015.

My Puppet/Costume Design has received an Emmy Nomination, Innovative Theatre Award, and Henson Foundation Grant. This spring my Puppets/Costumes will return for the 4th performance cycle of “Cinderella and the Prince Who Slays the Magic Dragon” at Avery Fischer Hall.