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Maho Kino

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Studio Interior
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be happy... / 2"3/4 x 1"1/2 x 1"1/2 / clay, antique toy chair, acrylic paint / 2010
tea pot lover / 1"3/4 x 1/2" x 1/2" / clay, antique bottle, acrylic paint / 2010
let’s meet in the dream I / 2"1/2 x 1"1/2 x 1"1/2 / clay, antique toy chair, acrylic paint / 2010
in the snow ball / 4" x 2" x 2"1/4 / clay, antique toy table, acrylic paint / 2010
I am a little tea pot / 4"3/4 x 4" x 1"1/2 / lithograph, rives paper / 2009
Artist's Statement

The Peanut is a recurring subject in my work.
The simple line of its organic form and the inherent duality in the peanut, (two nuts in one shell) acting as a metaphor for the conflict in the human character.
Through the activities, journeys, hopes and dreams of my peanut creations, I express something of my own inner journey.
If the viewer smiles, so much the better.

(peanut's flower)
When I am in front of the plate preparing to draw, I have a feeling of
opening my eyes under water, I see the image of a flower floating.
The flowers change day by day, depending on my mood,
and I translate these feelings to my prints.
The work that results is my emotional diary.


Maho Kino - Printmaker - was born and Educated in Tokyo Japan
and now lives and works in New York, USA

Exhibitions :

[Solo ]
Galerie 1816. Bretenoux, France 2006
KAMEYAMA Gallery. Shizuoka, Japan. 1996/98/00/02/04/06
Pinpoint Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. 2001/2003/2005/2007/2009

IPCNY . NYC 2007/2010
ISE Cultural Foundation. NYC 2009
Bloomsbury Gallery Auctions. NYC 2009
Federation Gallery. Vancouver, Canada 2006
The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. NYC 2004
Artist Space. NYC 2002
Hunterdon Museum of Art. New Jersey 1998/2003
The Rotunda Gallery. Brooklyn, NY 1998
PORTLAND ART MUSEUM. Portland, Oregon 1996
Taller galeria Fort. Barcelona, Spain 1989/1992
Del Bello Gallery. Toront, canada 1986

The Library of Congress [ Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Collection ]. Washington DC