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Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"FLUIDICS 001" /Video installation/ 6:54/2012
"PORTRAIT" /Video installation/4:32/ 2012
"MIRROR#4" /Video installation/ 6:34/ 2011
"MIRROR#3"/ Video installation/ 5:00/2010
"MIRROR#2~Chill Out "/ Video installation/ 7:35/ 2009
Artist's Statement


I produce video installations, animations for my ART work.In these pieces, I present new possibilities of what a painting can be.

born in Hyogo, Japan
2008 B.A Department of Information and media, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
2010 M.A Information Art Course, Tama Art University
Living in NY now.


2012 Solo Exhibition "HIKINO MAHO Solo Exhibition"(The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo/Tokyo)
          Solo Exhibition "MIRROR"(Pepper's Gallery/Tokyo)
          GroupExhibition "J_ART 2ND" (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center /NY)
2011 Solo Exhibition "HIKINO MAHO Video Exhibition"(double tall cafe Shibuya /Tokyo)
          Solo Exhibition "MIRROR: HIKINO MAHO Video Art Exhibition"(Gallery cafe bar [enyen] /Tokyo)
2009 Solo Exhibition "MIRROR#2~chilll out"(Pepper's Gallery/Tokyo)
      Group Exhibition "TOKYO SCREENING"(About Floor/NY)
2008 Solo Exhibition "MIRROR#2"(Shinjuku Ganka garou /Tokyo)
2007 Solo Exhibition "Drawing Piano"(AD&A gallery /Osaka)
2010 "ARTBOX Vol.8 Contemporary-Artist File Contemporary ART"
2010 "Hyper Art Catalogue"