Lucia Stranaiova

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Baryt print, 39x55 inch
Baryt print, 31x39 inch
Baryt contact print, 8x10 inch
Artist's Statement

My work is concerned with the portrayal of non-manipulated reality. Through subtle narrative and visual moves I seek to blur the line between figuration and abstraction in order to tease out the possible depth of an image and to open up a multiplicity of unique readings for the viewer. Through this process the image is set free from a conventional reading encouraging further exploration while maintaining a clear line of sight to its origin.

My ambition is to search for possibilities of aesthetic expression, which can become an entity holding its own „morals“, allowing the viewer to go only to a certain level of readability. By erasing all the connections to socio-political presence, i try to give a more abstract statement towards perception of reality, establishing a different possible presence.


Born 1987, Bratislava, Slovakia
Lives and works in Bratislava, Vienna, New York
Education: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2009 Essl Award CEE VIG