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Luca Lazar

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
From Series Moving Stills, Painting #041111, acrylic on canvas, 67"x 67"
From Series Moving Stills, Painting #041210, acrylic on canvas, 39"x 78"
From Series Moving Stills, Painting #101106, acrylic on canvas, 110"x 170"
From Series Moving Stills, Painting #120210, acrylic on canvas, 114"x 154"
Studio view
Artist's Statement

Over the past number of years, I have come to return to abstract painting and am fascinated by the continued exploration and discovery of its many possibilities, while having strongly established my individual signature style, with a minimal abstract series that I call Moving Stills. The underlying principle of the works in this series is controlled energy, raw powers created through and at the same time restricted by spatial structures and the arrangement of interlocking lines. Using a reduced vocabulary of minimalist forms, the untitled individual works provide the suggestion of energetic movement within a motionless, frozen setting. The works are not informed by any kind of anticipation of what the viewer may or may not see in them, but rather are to be understood by making the actual attempt of leaving the ways of perception behind that we are so accustomed to, in order to be “felt” quite intuitively in an act of self-communication.


Luca Lazar is a German artist, originally from Georgia (former USSR), who has been living and working in NYC since 2003. He works in a variety of media: painting, installations, objects and video art. His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums, including Museum Fridericianum (Germany), Ermitage (Russia) and COBRA Museum (Netherlands). Lazar’s works are included in museum, private, public and corporate collection, among which Moscow MoMA, Museum Ludwig (Germany), National Tretiakov Gallery (Moscow), Gallery de France (Paris, France), Henri Nannen Stiftung (Germany), State Art Museum Tbilisi (Georgia), the Zimmerli Art Museum (USA), City of Cologne and City of Strasbourg. He is a recipient of several awards and honors. Lazar holds a M.A. of the academy of arts of Tbilisi, Georgia. Since 1997 he holds a position as lecturer at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier, Germany.