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Lou Patrou

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Artist's Statement

I have been creating faces since I can remember first drawing in the mid 60's. In later years I began making distilled versions of them and also started adding decorative elements into them. Some concepts have meaning to me, some may have political agenda or social commentary, others have very little meaning and are just design and form.

I love very careful design but also completely spontaneous work, one yields analytical satisfaction, the other an exploratory state of mind while "being in the zone". I don't like to do the same thing over and over and I don't follow a familiar path and process each time so I switch back and forth and do some of each. Sometimes I pull from each approach and fold them into one piece. I also like to mix things up within that approach by adding new twists and turns that become pleasant discoveries.


Group Show - Candid Arts Trust, London England - 2015
Group Show - Chelsea 27, NYC - group show, Summer Works - 2014
Group Show - WWA Gallery, Los Angeles, Color Ink Book Show - 2012
Group Show - Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary for Comic-con - 2012
Touring Group Show - Matchbox, France - International Artists Contemporary - 2011
Group Show - Limner Gallery, Hudson NY, Show of Heads - 2008
Group Show - Monkdogz Urban Art, NYC - 2008
Solo Show - Pearl Daddy Gallery, Beacon NY - 2008
Group Show - Monkdogz Urban Art, NYC - 2006

Special Events/Projects:
Patrou Exhibit Booth - Licensing Expo Las Vegas 2014
Feature art for auction, Holiday House Design Gala NYC - Designers 2013
POST-IT Shows, Giant Robot Los Angeles - 2012, 2013, 2014
Gko Gallery Christmas Launch, Tolosa Spain - 2014
NYU Medical Center prints - 2013
Matchbox Mini Sculptures - Paris France - 2012