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Lorna Ritz

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
“Poetic Force” 16 X 20” o/c 2010
. “Construction of Empty Spaces” 56 X 45” o/c 2010
“Darkness Falling” 40 X 50” o/c 2010
“Chromatic Runs” 54 X 43” o/c 2010
“Rose Garden” 50 X 40” o/c 2010
Artist's Statement

The surfaces of my paintings resemble ancient walls, in that there is a sense of history alive in them, through the repetition of the "placement and replacement" of paint many times over. I love to see open, breathing, moving space create entry way inside the picture plane of the flat surface of linen. It is the act of breathing life onto the canvas that enables the painting’s surface to be like windows or mirrors into which to look. It is the architectural construction of a painting that moves me. A painting gets born when it has a specific presence that comes alive in it, that seems, for me, to come together only at the very end through the last accoutrements that come along so naturally and pleasurably, and fine-tune all that is already compositionally holding together, rhythmically tied.


BFA Pratt Insti.,MFA Cranbrook Academy/Art.Taught at R.I. S.D.,Brown U, U of MN, and Dartmouth College, and am"Guest Critic"@the Vermont Studio Center since 1991; the NY Studio School. U.S.I.A. sent me to Malta,Honduras and Colombia; Art-in-Embassies Program in D.C. exhibited paintings in Africa and Guatemala, Caracus; also: @ The Divinity Center at Yale U, the Bowery Gallery in NYC,Hillyer Gallery at Smith College, the Fine Arts Center's U.MASS.Contemporary Art University Museum ; the Hood Museum at Dartmouth College,;the Fine Arts Center in P'Town, MA., the Mead Art Museum @Amherst College. I have received 3 Pollock-Krasner Grant Awards, Kittredge Grant Harvard U. I taught@American U (D.C.). Italy. I have been a “Guest Critic” at The Vermont Studio Cntr.1991-2009;traveled as ‘cultural ambassador’ throughUMASS. to South Africa,George Sugarman Foundation Grant Award, Artists’ Fellowship, NYC, 2008, The Haven Foundation Award