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Lorene Taurerewa

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Charcoal on paper, 59in x 90in, 2010
charcoal on paper, 59in x 90in, 2009
Charcoal on paper, 59in x 59in, 2009
Charcoal on paper, 59in x 59in, 2009
Oil on canvas, 70in x 90in, 2008
Artist's Statement

For a while now my work has focused on very simple figurative poses of stillness. In much of my work in the past I’ve worked as simply as I can with the frontal pose, working with the ironies of 2-D space making as directly as possible. In this work I was trying to suspend a human image in the paper or canvas at a certain distance from the front, at a certain distance from the back, within a certain space. In charcoal drawings I visualized this place as a seat there is no getting to or getting down from.

In recent paintings I have let the plane hinge back and down to allow a more stage like space, so that in turn a more literally metaphoric, or narrative, group of figures can stand, sit and lie on it. I’ve tried to cast the relationship between the occupants of the painting space; rather than between the painter and the occupant of the painting space: so the paintings have become more thought, less felt.