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Loren Siems

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
My House (exterior), 25 1/2" x 34" x 18"; wood, yarn, little girl’s pajamas
My House (interior), 25 1/2 in x 34 in x 18 in; wood, yarn, fabric, little girl’s pajamas, glass, menstrual blood, eggshells, mi
Spaces I Inhabit, installation view, bed sheets, fabric, thread, bronze, wax, wood, paper, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, acrylic, w
Spaces I Inhabit (detail), 18" x 10" x 18", bed sheets, fabric, thread, bronze, wax, wood, paper, acrylic
Body Boxes: Head, Heart, Stomach, Uterus, Feet; 5'7" x 12" x 12"; organic and inorganic matter
Artist's Statement
My artwork comes from the emotionally vulnerable place of being a girl. A struggle arises between a need to expose everything and a need to maintain composure. In addition, I recall childhood memories and experiences that continue to resonate as an adult. Children adopt stuffed animals to transition from the mother. Now the child as an adult still requires stuffed animals as a surrogate for intimate relationships so one is provided some sense of companionship and comfort. The bunny is a metaphor for the female condition, historically symbolizing fertility, and myself; it is a play object in need of love. Children also create miniature spaces in which their imagination dwells; as an adult these spaces function as a body that contain physical manifestations of the psyche. Objects that seem playful and fun to children have more emotive attributes when seen through the adult filter.


Born 1982
Louisiana native

2009 MFA, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, MA (Sculpture)
2005 BFA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA (Painting)

Solo Exhibition
2009 Temporary Comfort, Envoy Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 5th Anniversary Drawing Exhibition, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Roving Project, Invest, Kansas City, MO, Baltimore, MD, Long Island, NY
Screaming Duo, Guyer Barn Gallery, Hyannis, MA
Group FAX, The Drawing Center and iCI, Cape Town, South Africa
2008 Multiplicity, State Street Gallery, New Bedford, MA
2007 Women: The Image, Higgins Art Gallery, West Barnstable, MA

2009 Rose Artist Fund

Selected Private Collections
Tim Burton, California | Bruna Hauert, Switzerland | Tom Vales, New York | Dane Broussard, Texas | Donald Leblanc, Louisiana