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Lorella Paleni

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
On The Other Side - Video Projection (color, sound), watercolor and mono-print animation, duration variable/loop 2015
Out Loud - video projection of watercolor animation : Lorella Paleni postproduction, digital and audio editing : Fabio Bozzetto
Artist's Statement

For some time animals lived at the borders, obscured by the darkness of the bushes and human shadows. With time, slowly and increasingly they asserted themselves back into the realm of my imagination. Slyly they groveled into my images, leaving traces like footprints on the damp earth. They grew to be companions and soon became necessary subjects of my thinking and being--the other, the animals, where language loses its primacy and reveals its fallacies.

In a humanity ruled by normative systems, where the rational is the only accepted possibility of reality, painting can become a place that lives outside of socially constructed formats, a playground of exchange and multiplicity. I think of painting as play, a language without grammar, a space for possibility, a ludic excess. Making through intuition, a thinking-doing act, a making in favor of instinct, a thought-gesture that bases itself on empathy, on being outside itself.


Born and raised in Casazza, northern Italy. She received her BFA in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (IT) in 2010 and completed an MFA a the Columbia University of the City of New York in 2015.
She has had her first solo show at Kunsthalle HB55 in Berlin(DE) in 2013.
Lorella has been artist in residence at the Wassaic project, NY, in 2011-2012; Menas senuosiuose, Kaunas (LT), in 2013; and AZ West of Andrea Zittel in Joshua Tree, California in 2014.
She works with painting, drawing, and animation.