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Lizzie Scott

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"Fainting Couch"; 2009; Styrofoam, muslin, and tether, 40 x 36 x 34; installation view with drawings;
Day Bed; 2009; Styrofoam, muslin, and elastic; 54 x 40 x 36; installation view with drawings
Bench; 2009; Styrofoam, muslin, and tulle; 24 x 50 x 36
The Styrene Fantastic/Domestic; 2009; stills from single-channel video; 3 minutes
Happening Sur l'Herbe; 2009; 2-hour public performance in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Artist's Statement

It recently occurred to me that the Styrofoam packaging we throw away is the eternal monument our culture will leave behind. My response is The Styrene Fantastic, an ongoing, multi-faceted extravaganza of sculpture, performance, video and installation that looks for a positive way of living within the trash we’ve created.

The central idea in my work is that function is excessive while frivolity is essential. I combine culturally meaningful materials -- like Styrofoam and textiles -- with live interaction to make performances, sculptures and installations that explore this idea in the context of the urban landscape. I use commonly available techniques and an inclusive, improvisational aesthetic. My work aims to rethink the spaces we share and to expand the experience of the everyday.


Lizzie Scott is an interdisciplinary artist who uses found materials and fabric to make performances, sculptures and installations about urban space. Public performances include The Styrene Fantastic at Rachel Uffner Gallery presented by the Movement Research Spring Festival and East River Stairway Parade at Brooklyn Bridge Park presented by the Art Under the Bridge Festival. She has exhibited solo projects at The Jersey City Museum and at LMAKprojects in New York. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions throughout the US and in Europe, including at Kate MacGarry Gallery in London, at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medeindtechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany, at Hot Coco Lab and Side Street Projects in Los Angeles, and at the Brooklyn Museum.

Lizzie received her MFA from CalArts in 1998 and participated in the Whitney Independent Study Program. She currently lives in New York and teaches at the School of Visual Arts.