Lisa Pressman

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Whirlwind One encaustic and oil 24 x 24 2009
Below the Surface encaustic and oil 24 x24 2009
Transparent Thinking encaustic and oil 24 x 24 2009
Element of Air encaustic and oil 24 x 24 2009
The Other Side encaustic and oil 24 x 24 2009
Artist's Statement

My paintings are motivated by the images and experiences that signify evidence of time and change. Shadows on a wall, tar marks on the street, the colors of fallen leaves are just a few of the connections that enter into the studio.

The process continues with a mark, a color, a word, a journal page, a gesture. I am interested in allowing a relationship between intent and accident to unfold. Playing translucent and opaque layers of pigmented beeswax against each other, drawing, layering, covering up, sanding, and scraping leads to the discovery of the image.

The history of the process then becomes inseparable from the exploration, through image, of time and memory. The paintings become an abstract story that cannot be read literally. I am interested in “the not knowing”.

Lisa Pressman 2010


Lisa Pressman will be one of four artists featured in the juried exhibition: Illusive Balance: Transcendental Pattern and Layered Surface. This show is part of The Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series at the Douglass Library Galleries, Rutgers University. Lisa was invited to participate in Butter’s Gallery “Little Gem’s” exhibition in Portland, Oregon February 2010. Her work will be featured in a solo show at Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2011. She is also represented by the Jack Meier Gallery, Houston TX, the Chace-Randall Gallery, Andes, NY and Anelle Gandelman Fine Art, Larchmont NY. Her work has been featured in numerous one-person exhibitions, group and juried shows throughout New Jersey over the past 30 years. She received her Masters of Fine Art in painting from Bard College in 1983.
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