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Lisa Marie Ludwig

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The Art Neighborhood. Found Objects, Recycled Cardboard Boxes, Fabrics, and Collage. 9 Ft. X 16 Ft. X 11 Ft.
The Art Neighborhood detail of Miniature Art Gallery "MAGTAN" 36 inches X 36 Inches X 32 Inches
The Art Neighborhood detail interior theater. 28 inches X 48 Inches X 32 Inches
Action Figure 'Koyote' C36. Foam, Tape, Wire, and Acrylic. 7 inches X 2 inches X 2 inches
Study portrait, 'Brujita' 81. Acrylic on paper. 10 1/2 Inches X 9 Inches
Lisa Marie
Artist's Statement

Lisa Marie Ludwig creates installations that encourage collaboration with the community. The New York based artist started The Art Neighborhood in 2009 where it was first showcased at Jack The Pelican Presents. It is a living sculpture that comments on the economic crisis and our nations dire need to come together as one. Her miniature shanty town is equipped with a movie theater and an art gallery. Lisa gathers miniature art and short films from artist that are a part of The Art Neighborhood so their art can be seen. This allows the artists and the neighborhood to reach a similar goal of community and self-sustainment. Lisa has been doing workshops all over New York City where anyone can make an action figure of themselves. The figures are then brought to the neighborhood and put on display. With over 300 action figures donated from fellow collaborators, The Art Neighborhood has potential for even more growth, with a boundless range.


Lisa Marie Ludwig was born in Carolina Beach, North Carolina in 1972. She received a BFA from East Carolina University, and moved to New York City in 1996. Lisa is currently resident artist at Uncanny Valley, a Chashama supported project space. This space currently holds her multi-media installation, The Art Neighborhood. For the last several months, she has taken The Art Neighborhood to galleries and to the streets of New York City. Including: The New Museum, New York City (2011) Loft in the Red Zone -Nexus Gallery, New York City (2011) The Spanish Benevolent Society, New York City (2011) and Occupy Wall Street, Liberty Park (2011) She has had recent solo exhibitions at Jack The Pelican Presents, New York City (2009) The University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2009) She will have a piece of her art published in the Visionary Architectural Design Book (2012) Lisa is also the founder of BM East 2 West, an art movement.