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Lisa C Soto

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Countries, Territories, Islands II, 7 feet by 5 feet (213cm x 177cm) graphite on Mylar and thread - 2008
detail of Countries, Territories, Islands
Europa, 41" x 51" (105cm x 130cm) charcoal, pastel, Mylar and thread - 2009
U.S. (Cut Out), 63" circ (160cm) charcoal, pastel, ink on Mylar and thread - 2009
detail of formations, size variable, pigment on Mylar in petri dishes, 2009
Lisa C
Artist's Statement

Cartography is the foundation I use to discover, interpret and reveal the world from a new point of view. I reconfigure world maps to create reinvented landscapes, modifying frontier lines to better highlight the unification of our world. I express these observations through means of sculptures, drawings, and paintings, addressing issues of mixed-identities, and contemporary global interactions.

In my sculpture series I cut out shapes of countries or shapes referring to land mass, often changing the scale and geographical position, these shapes are sometimes sewn together in various forms or isolated from one another. Through this sculptural re-mapping a shift of how one experiences world maps and therefore the relationship between countries is redefined. Furthermore, the work explores global concerns, such as how the world is becoming an interdependent society where traditional borders are shifting or disappearing altogether.


1996-1997 Amsterdams Instituut voor Schilderkunst, Netherlands
1992 B.A. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Selected Group Exhibitons
2008 “Green Lion Exhibition”, Cesi Palace, Umbria, Italy
2007 “Jamaica Flux: Workspaces & Windows”, Jamaica Center for the Arts, NY
2007 “Aljira Emerge 8” Exhibition, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ
2006 “Chimaera”, Tenri Cultural Center, NY (curated by Koan-Jeff Baysa)
2005 “From the Artist’s Studio: Wish You Were Here”, The Livingroom, Art Basel Miami, (curated by Franklin Sirmans)
2005 “New Art 2005”, MPG Contemporary, Boston, MA (curated by Linda Norden)
2004 “Artincubator”, Ethan Cohen Gallery, NY

Commissioned Work & Residencies
2009 "Europa", Quadriga prize, Berlin, Germany. Commission for pres. of E.U. commission
2006 Aljira Emerge Art Program, Newark, NJ
2005 Altos de Chavon Artist in Residency Program, Dominican Republic