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Linda Cheng

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Urban Girl - Oil Pastel - 12" x 18"
Vibrant Sunflower - Oil Pastel - 20" x 25.5"
Modern Woman - Oil Pastel - 12" x 18"
Pop Art Dog - Oil Pastel - 14" x 11"
Urban Girl - Oil Pastel - 22" x 28"
Artist's Statement

"You live only once -- Live with no regrets."

In most of my work, my desire to live everyday to its brightest and fullest plays a large role in my frequent use of vivid colors. Living in a large city like New York, that feeling of being lost sometimes allows me to take my art to places I would never think of. My art becomes something I can mold into anything I desire, and that gives me the freedom to become someone new everyday.

There is an emotional grandness that is so easily found in the natural world but which is so easily lost in the busyness of working life and it is electrifying for me to find power in the expression through my art.

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Linda Cheng was born in Hong Kong in 1982 and raised in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. She currently lives and works in New York as a full-time product manager while working part-time as an artist who dedicates her heart and soul to painting, drawing and creating mixed media art.

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