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Linda Casbon

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
installation view
Painted Shapes
installation view
Artist's Statement

My work translates forms into a language of metaphoric associations. It hints at meanings without using literal descriptions. Objects are the visual sounds of this language. When placed together these words form a sentence, a poem, and a kind of narrative with its own internal logic. The pieces look like . . . feel like . . . sound like . . . but cannot be consciously identified or named. With this work I am striving for a sense of unnameable familiarity.

Current series include: "Pillows" which have a volume reminiscent of lungs and breathing, "Tunnels" and "Blankets" which focus on differences between inside and outside and the idea of transformational space, and "Cages" which utilize structural elements to create form and explore three-dimensional mapping and order versus randomness. The surfaces and drawings on the forms are inspired by an array of sources including maps and aerial photographs.


Brooklyn artist Linda Casbon constructs functional clay objects and large-scale ceramic sculpture. She studied design at the University of Colorado (BENVD) and ceramics and sculpture at Kent State University (MFA). Linda has participated in artist's residencies throughout the United States and Canada including the Bemis Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska, the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana, and the John Michael Kohler Company in Wisconsin. Linda was awarded a NYFA fellowship in 1997. She is currently teaching at Hofstra University and Kingsborough Community College.