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Lina Grebenyuk

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"City Bee", 18x24, Digital print, computer manipulated photography
"Dream State", 18x24, Digital print, computer manipulated photography
"Wind and Sand", 24x18, Digital print, computer manipulated photography
"Under layers", 18x24, Digital print, computer manipulated photography
"Our kiss", 18x24, Digital print, computer manipulated drawing
Artist's Statement

Romance of my heart has to be expressed... somehow. I have spent lots of time holding back of what I really feel inside; not anymore. Every piece of my art work is evidence that I am alive emotionally, and not scared to be whom I really am. My art is the answers to my questions, release to my failures, tool to fight material and depression, and discovery my true inner self. I am sharing a part of my world in an aim to find same spirited individuals; I have been so lonely covering myself with many layers of separation.


As I was indecisive about my artist path all my life; I just want to say, whether you are an artist who is already accomplished or someone who is just starting on “the path of the artist”, remember not to let anyone block you, to make you ashamed of the way you express yourself, to put you down, or to stop your creative process in any way. I am talking not only about external forces - our skeptical friends, parents, rejecting cold people at art shows/galleries, but also the inner destructive voices of “I am not good enough”, “no one will notice my work”, or "I will never accomplish anything in my life" that could be more dangerous than real people. Don’t hesitate, follow your true feelings; express your love and happiness - enjoy it; laugh out loud; create something greater than yourself - you are here in this world for the right reasons; make a choice to be happy; live your passion. Just do it. Just be. Just live your life. Period.