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Integrating fine arts and video approaches, the work reflects on cultural displacement through reinterpreting Chinese folktale.
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Virtual reality art exposes social problems in today's China, particularly Sichuan Earthquake and Beijing Olympic Game in 2008.
Lily & Honglei
Artist's Statement

As a Chinese immigrant artist team, our work deals with cultural displacement and identity issues, as well as social problems in today’s China. Taking form of digital multimedia presentation, our projects often adapt symbolism and metaphors from Chinese folklore, and reinterpret them in a contemporary context. To give new imputes to aesthetics and cultural traditions, we integrate new media approaches, such as animated film and virtual reality, with fine arts language to create visual experiences belong to the digital era.


Lily & Honglei (Xiying Yang, Honglei Li) is a new media artist team. They come from Beijing, China, currently work independently in New York. Their solo exhibitions are held in Germany, China, Australia and United States. They actively present at many important international new media and contemporary art venues, including Museum of Art & Design, Eyebeam Arts & Technology Center, Queens Museum of Art, name a few. Lily & Honglei both studied fine arts in China and continued their education in art in the States. Lily received Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media from University of Massachusetts, while Honglei earned his MFA in Fine Arts from the same school. Their works are published by numerous art magazines and journals, and viewable at