Leni $moragdova

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Street art -+949-/+74
Performance +4-4+64864-/46541
Artist's Statement
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Leni $moragdova's art "Transaction"
“We are the children of the war, The war has no faces... The war is money The money has no faces We are the children without faces. It’s so simple, like transactions are.. We are the children of the transactions”
About the artist:

Who are you? – Artist
What is your name? – Leni $moragdova
Where are you from? – from the Heaven
Who is your parents? - My mom is Saint. My father is a pigeon.
What is your Art? – Have you heard how the river flows?
Who is around you? – Hidden faces
What are you? – Transaction.

This is my web-site, please follow the link http://www.smoragdova.com/