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Leif Low-beer

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
“Strayed into a powerful but corrupted path that took control over his life for more than a hundred years.” 2009, 32” x 38”
“It looked really very expensive (I wish I could wear it at my wedding).” 2009, 21”x15”, mixed media on paper.
“Obvious superior intellect, strong family values and pragmatism.” 2009, 35” x 25”, mixed media on paper.
Unmanipulated photograph of installation. “A peach viewed at the just right angle sits perfectly sandwiched between the sill...
Unmanipulated photograph of installation. “The spruce sat on the circle of the pond and the sun was perched perfectly on the...
Artist's Statement

In a sculpture park, people look at art, art looks at people and people look at one another. Like a Saul Steinberg dinner party, in which each individual is defined by the nature of their rendering, a sculpture park is a gathering of personalities. I approach my work both literally and metaphorically as a gathering place — a place where a collection of languages and marks come together, where I can explore the relationships between a variety of objects on the page. The white of the paper creates breathing room, space for a crowd of thoughts and marks to hang out. In these areas, eyes can play between light and dark, foreground and background, people and objects. Much remains ambiguous, allowing the viewer to bring his or her own experience to the work. There is something rich about a sculpture park that is suggested, imagined but never realized.


Selected Exhibitions
2009, Solo show, Wild Project, New York City. 2008, Two person show, Invisible NYC, New York City. 2008, Group show, Secret Project Robot, New York City. 2007, Group show, OKOK Gallery, Seattle. 2007, Group show, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta. 2006, Group show, BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles. 2005, Piece included in MOMA’s book collection. 2004, Group show, Fluxfactory, New York City. 2000, Solo show, Zavitz Gallery, Ontario.

Selected Press & Publications  2004-2009
McSweeney’s, The Walrus, BlackBook, Nylon, Seed Magazine, J&L Publishing, Broken Wrist Project, STEP Inside Design, The Drama, Graphis, Arktip.