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Lee Ann Cadiz

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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"I Dream of BB" - The physical and spiritual world are bridged together. Step across if you dare.
"Connected" - Each organism is delicately connected. This connection is vital to it's survival on Earth.
"Peace and War" - Hands can communicate in a way words cannot. What do you use your hands to say?
"Lost Girl" - Just because you see her, doesn't mean she's really there.
"Synergy" - The essence of a person is stronger than their outer shell. It can captivate a person forever.
Lee Ann
Artist's Statement

The restlessness of the human heart has always fascinated me. It drives my art in a way I cannot fully explain. The colors, lines and shapes strive to share a story: one of pain, creativity, longing and curiosity. As a resident of the city, my work strives to express a linear point of view: a world that is black and white, concrete and definite. The struggle to express this reality however also creates the opposite, a host of perplexed forms that flow from one end to another: the belief that everything is connected in some way. The energy of the city; it’s light, images and sounds also infused my work.

The study of lines captivates my work. I find myself striving to bring lines to life. Curving, bending, and making lines straight: making them happy then frustrating them with an interception of sorts, this has been my fixation. I seek to make them speak and breathe.


SHOWINGS: Raw Artists– Group Show – May 22, 2014-Brooklyn, NY. Pancake and Booze Show- Group Show – July 24, 2014, Washington, DC. Raw Artists- Group Show – September 25th, 2014, Brooklyn, NY. Raw Artists- Group Show – Spring 2015, Philadelphia, PA.
EDUCATION: Manhattan College - Bachelor of Arts- Communications, Bronx, NY. New York City Teaching Fellows - Cohort 8. Teacher Certification Program-Special Education, 1-6 grades. Mercy College - Masters of Science in Special Education, Honors.
WORK: 9/2008-Present - Special Education Teacher (Grades 1-6) - PS 386 (Bronx NY) - Function: Teaching special needs children and using the arts as a tool to teach NYC standards in Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies.