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Lealand Eve Richard

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Sticks and Stones. 23” X 16.5”, Oil, cut paper collage, religious medals on wood. 2011.
Cinderella Tumbleweed. 24” X 30”, Oil, cut paper collage, lace on wood. 2011.
Black Birch Circus. 24 X 23.75”, Oil, cut paper collage, tin milagros on wood. 2011.
The Good Fight. 24” X 17.75”, Oil and cut paper collage on wood. 2010.
Viki Nicho. 24” X 15”, Oil, cut paper collage, candy wrappers on wood. 2007.
Lealand Eve
Artist's Statement

My narrative collage-paintings explore issues of beauty, captivity, confinement and discomfort, as well as the construction of identity. I explore the way we gather items to ourselves-both sentimental ephemera, and the patchwork of memories, perceptions and vanities that we use to cobble together a sense of self.
I create two-dimensional vignettes made up of many layers. My figurative paintings are created in oil on wood panel, over which I layer paint, cut-paper collage, transparent tissues, milagros and religious medals, even candy wrappers to create a dimensional and cohesive whole. Layering colors and textures, my aim is to create a shifting, dream-like atmosphere, a window into a different world. The question of female sexual availability has always been one that interests me, and in my work I deliberately portray my female characters in an undefined role, and as participants in a visual reality where they are the lone subjects.


Lealand Eve Richard is a painter and art educator who lives and practices in Bellport, NY. She holds a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute and an M.S. Ed. in Fine Arts Education from Hofstra University. She has shown her work at a wide variety of public and private venues in the New York area, and she has worked on commercial illustration projects for clients worldwide, in the fashion, advertising, toy, and publishing industries. Her work can be seen at her portfolio website: .