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Laurie Giardino

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Mountain view, 1978
Pinball at Cozy’s; Cozy’s Sweet Shop, Totowa Road, 1983
Monty at the elk; Laurel Grove Cemetery, 1979
Schmedly at Pappy’s; Pappy’s Diner, Union Boulevard, 1983
Nicole and Raffi, 1981
Artist's Statement

My memoir is a photographed and written account of growing up in the land of more dead than living. Totowa, a small, suburban, working-class town in New Jersey has five huge cemeteries and was once noted for having a population of more dead than living. Ironically, many of my photographs have already outlived the people in them.

My friends were dying untimely deaths then members of my family started to die. I had pictures of them all. As the years passed, I realized how much death and photography had inundated my life. Even photographs themselves have a life and a death. You can make a picture, wash and store it in an archival process, maybe even keep it for a hundred years, but inevitably a negative and a photograph will fade away. I never expected to see the day that my pictures would outlive the people in them. I never expected that the people I loved would be the ones to all fade away.


Solo Exhibit:
Clementine Gallery
Laurie Giardino "Totowa Book of the Dead"

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1998 Council for Basic Education/Time Warner Arts Education Fellowship Totowa Book of the Dead

1999 New York Foundation for the Arts/Nonfiction Literature Totowa Book of the Dead

1988 – 1991 Hunter College, New York, NY, B.A.
1977 – 1979 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY