Laurentiu Todie

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Grande Odalisque
Greek deco
This is not "Ceci n'est pas une pipe"
Artist's Statement

My series of Recycled Pixels may be used for shows like the New Museum’s FREE;
it is a celebration of the pixel in a time when much of our communications are based
on pixels.
Seen up-close the artwork usually looks abstract, but from afar, it may reveal the
image better.
I like to show the large image first and encourage scrutiny… in reverse, from the
distance, a method previously used by Dali in a portrait of Gala that looks like Lincoln.
The use of pixels in my work is similar to Roy Lichtenstein’s use of halftones, but
while offset printers usually accept the compromise, photographers dread pixels
(to my delight : ).


Born and raised in Romania, live in NY since 1979.

Artist Statement Continued:
I sometimes use my own photos and sometimes take them from the Internet;
sometimes from porn sites, sometimes from games, and other times they’re portraits
of celebrities, so this raises the copyright issue of fair use.
The use of porn pixels brings up a funny metaphorical question: if something is thrown in
your space, against your will, can it be picked up and used as private property?
How much modification is enough to make it legitimate?
Another thought would be: what if all the existing art ever was shown in low resolution?
Laurentiu Todié