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Lauren Maresca

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
20" x 30" , charcoal and watercolor
20" x 24" , charcoal and watercolor
34" x 48" , charcoal
Empress , 5" x 7" , collage and metal leaf on watercolor board
Heirophant , 5" x 7" , collage and metal leaf on watercolor board
Artist's Statement

I would say of my two projects presented here that they often involve the confluence of two things...of some source of desire mixed with some kind of desirable method for making it formal and making it mine. Many of my charcoal drawings also have watercolor and the sources for their imagery comes from photographs. The tarot cards are from magazine and book sources and also have metal leaf inlay. There is a full deck! I enjoy, above all, trying to make something that is beautiful. My website is


Cornell University, 2004, French Literature Solo painting show at Gallery 291, Greenville, SC - 1998 Solo show in the window of Heather's , NY, NY - 2007