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Lauren Luloff

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
This is an image from my current site-specific installtion, WOVEN, at Secret Project Robot, up until February 20, 2010
This is an image of an installtion I created for my MFA thesis show at Bard College, July 2010This painting consists of layers o
This painting consists of layers of sliced white sheets revealing a dimensional frame on the right side
This piece is best if all side cans be viewed. The back has bulbous protrusions from the sheets pushing through the frame
In "Pink with Wolf" I explored pouring paint over crumpled bed sheets primed with rabbit skin glue
Artist's Statement

When I create paintings, three dimensionality always creeps in: in the form of collage, cuts in the surface or they become freestanding works. Awkward hand-built structures press against and through the skin of my paintings. Wooden frames erupt and take over whole rooms, leaving fabric clinging in memory of painting. I use bedsheets, referencing home, intimacy, dreams and drama: their crumpling acting as an impasto swoosh, or creating chiaroscuro. Patterns from the sheets offer a harder edge line in contrast with my organic brush marks. The patterns have a nostalgic quality and act as signifiers of moments in one's history. In my paintings and installations I create immersive spaces, where it is an event to look, and also a site of events that have taken place. I am curious about combinations of works in relation to each other as they create a constellation of movement among them.


MFA painting, Bard College, 2009
BFA painting, Penn State University, 2001
Edwin Zoller Scholarship, 2000
Study Abroad Ireland, 2000

WOVEN, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
From the Sheets, Sunday LES, NYC
Yard Sail, Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn
Believe. Make, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
Recent Paintings, Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn
Recent Paintings, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn

Oculus Imaginationis, Horton and Co., NYC
Bard MFA Thesis Exhibition, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Warren Oates in the Economic Crisis of 2008, Okay Mountain, Austin, TX
Material Differences, Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT
There is no there, there, Rivington Arms, NYC
Admirer, 31 Grand, NYC
Paula DeLuccia/ Lauren Luloff, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn