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Laura Bell

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Rocket Family, 2015, oil and laser prints on canvas, 50"x72"
Space Junk, 2015, oil and laser prints on canvas, 44"x57"
Triffid, 2014, oil and photos on canvas, 26"x20"
Mirage, 2014, oil and laser prints on canvas, 28"x22"
Swarm, 2014, oil and photos on canvas, 49"x37'
Artist's Statement

For more than a decade I’ve used snapshots and laser prints as grounds in my paintings. Ideas about time are embedded in these images, the photos often bringing a feeling of distance, even nostalgia, in addition to creating a formal undercurrent I spend the rest of the painting responding to. The photos are sometimes prominent, sometimes buried, but always inform the overarching composition. My collages envision hybrids of flora, fauna, and detritus—abandoned cars as fertile ground, antlers branching into roots—a collusion of leaf, claw, and junk. There is always in view that pang of meaning, the click of significance—Richard Dreyfuss shaping mashed potatoes in “Close Encounters,” insisting, “This means something.” “The Corpses,” my ongoing text/imagery/found objects mail collaboration with poet Ian Ganassi, began in 2005 after we were residents at the Millay Colony, and includes more than 300 pieces.


2015 Superstition Review, “The Corpses”
2014 AMP, Provincetown, MA; paintings/“The Corpses”
2013 Drunken Boat, “The Corpses”
2013 "Big Queens Drawing Show," JCAL, Jamaica, NY
2011 Fogged Clarity, “The Corpses”
2010 “Disciplined Spontaneity,” Zone, NYC
2009 Governor’s Island Art Fair, NYC
2007 “Anonymous Drawings,” Blütenweiss, Berlin
2005 A.I.R. Biennial, NYC. Maura Reilly, Brooklyn Museum
2000 “Perimeters” LICK, LIC, NY
Millay Colony, Austerlitz, NY
Individual Grant, Artists Space, NYC
B.A., Douglass College, New Brunswick, NJ
Robert Shuster. “Best in Show—Disciplined Spontaneity,” Village Voice, 1/6/10
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