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Larry Nathanson

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Artist's Statement

The pictures I make and the stories they tell, particularly over the past ten years, have been made and told through a mixture of media. Most of my works contain images that are taken out of their original context and redefined by including them in a completely different context... They are transformed. Almost all of them contain a combination of photographs I have taken and are translated into computer images printed on plastic and paper, sometimes with the use of varying materials such as rug glue, nails, common hardware store items, metals, wire, wood and paint.

The subjects of my work are the topics and questions of humanity... Religion, environment, politics, ethics, life challenges, natural disasters and relationships, peppered with occasional historical art references.


The past is past and the future is now.

Generally I don't plan my work... Images emerge by chance. When I begin a piece, I usually have the materials on hand that I need to start and see the images through to fruition. As I begin to build a work, its point of view begins to emerge most of the time to my surprise, which I then continue to expand and refine.

Unlike artists who know exactly how and what they are about to embark on when the put paint to a canvas, my mind is usually blank. I always feel when I start, that the finished piece will result in an image never imagined in the beginning. I actually discover the subject as I'm working and then I work my way out of the picture as opposed to working my way in.