Lannie Hart

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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STEEL MAGNOLIA, 60" X 28" X 20", polymer clay, wood, steel, brass, found objects
SIREN, 47" x 24" x 19" resin, steel, brass, found objects
VIRGIN OF THE APOCALYPSE, 65" x 32" x 12", polymer clay, steel, brass, found objects
ADAM & EVE, 45'" x 40", oil on canvas, collage, brass, aluminum and found objects
EMILY'S GARDEN, 27" X 18", oil on board, brass and found objects
Artist's Statement

I call my work “iconic imagery”, allegorical narratives which originate from my rural beginnings in the South where I learned from the women in my family to tell “stories” by creating art. The pieces I form are the interpretive study of woman as a symbolic image. They evoke nature, religious images and cultural references which have a strong feminine point of view.

I have always been drawn to the use of female metaphorical images, such as the Madonna, angel, warrior, etc.. In all of my work I continue to explore the image of women and how they are perceived by society as portrayed in myth and legend.


Virginia Commonwealth University BFA
2013 SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, NY, NY Phenomenal Woman
2010 SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery NY NY “Steel Lace”
1988 Woman’s Bank “ Between Dreams” Reviewed
1982 Julia Artisans Gallery, NY NY
review NY Times
2013 Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY, Art Biologic
2012 Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY
Harvest Festival
2012 SOHO20 Gallery, NY, NY, Folles d’Hiver
2012 Rotunda Gallery, New Rochelle, NY, Size Matters
2012 Peter Lawrence Gallery, Gaylord, CT, Sculpture Fest
2011 Studio Montclair at Aljira Newark NJ , Viewpoints
2011 Wayne Art Center, Wayne PA, Craftforms 2011
2011 Freedman Gallery,2011 Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading PA, Gender Matters
2010 Silvermine Gallery, New Canaan, CT