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Lance Boge

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Tooth (pencil on paper, 8"x11")
Decay (plaster, wood,acrylic, 16"x7"x7")
Operation (acrylic, 26"x39")
2 Figures ( paint, plaster, styrofoam Male:30"x 15" x 12" Female 25"x15"x12")
2 Figures (acrylic,oil stick, collage, 30"x50")
Artist's Statement

To me the following are important:

1.Evenat first glance, an object can seem a comman place sort of thing, one easily understood. Analysis shows however that it is a very queer thing,full of metaphysical properties
and theological whimsies.

2.Certain actions are only ever articulated in the form of stories, stories whose plots are related only in the most complex and simple unapparent ways.

3.It shapes a rigorous order that can hold threatening forces at bay. It divides the world into clean and unclean,the permitted and the forbidden, the pure and the polluted...
it makes men of gods and gods of men.


Lance Boge is an artist who lives in New York City.He holds a BA from Boston University and A MArch from Yale University.