Lambert Fernando

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'the hidden complexities of Jade and Lambert'
Gale house landing
Yellow Sub
Summer detail
Artist's Statement

In my work, I examine the elusiveness of memory, childhood, displacement, and also attempt to define my identity as a Filipino-American. Early in my childhood my parents moved me from the Philippines---a place of old familiar smells, colors, and textures---to Long Island suburbia, a place of new homes, malls, and clean bright surfaces.
Through a long period of painting, plastering, carving and sanding, I create color fields and textures evocative of my childhood home. Utilizing a delicate color palette and unusual materials, such as doilies, fabric swatches, plaster, and house paint, I create the essence of a forgotten past and uncertain future. Often scratched into the surface are drawings of my long-lost family members or characters borrowed from time. 


The Urban Garden, Broadway Gallery, NY 2009
Dream-Self, Broadway Gallery, NY 2008
Ides of March, ABC No Rio,  NY 2002-2010
Hidden, ABC No Rio, NY 2007
Sanctuary and Undercroft, Saint Philips Episcopal Church, , NY 2006
Flippin'Out: Maynila to Williamsburg, Goliath Art Space, Brooklyn, NY 2005
(r)evolution: warfare, Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, NY 2003
Disaster, ABC No Rio, NY 2003
Re-Narrative, City College, NY 2003
In the Shadow of 911: A Chinatown Memorial Exhibition, The Gallery at
Silk Road, NY 2003
Anatomically Correct (AC), 473 Broadway Gallery, NY 2002
Delta Time, Gallerythe, Brooklyn, 2002
Curious Objects, 450 Broadway Gallery, NY, 2000
Linea Negra, Star 69 Gallery, Brooklyn, 1998