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Cubic Inception - Mixed Media on Canvas
Cubic Inception - Mixed Media on Canvas
Cubic Inception - Mixed Media on Canvas
Disclose - Oil on Canvas
Journey Series - Oil on Plexiglass
Kyung Youl
Artist's Statement

Cubic Inception

Within stacks of discarded waste, a glimmer of metal sparks an idea; even a disposed aluminum food container can become something entirely new.

The transformative process begins, and cutting, flattening, and reshaping begin to birth new forms in various shapes and sizes.

As these shapes are composed on a canvas, the arrangements create disorderly yet harmonious compositions, in my eyes reminiscent of a city. This depiction is unlike the perspective that we are accustomed to, but an abstracted perspective resonant with what we can see when we are above it all, like the glimmers of a city we see when we look down from an airplane.

These were the thoughts that came to my mind when I was alone in my studio, crouched on the floor, painting, hammering, cutting, scattering, composing, and gluing cubic pieces on canvas, which I would like to share with you as you explore my artwork.

July 14, 2015
Kyung Youl Yoon


Artist Kyung Youl Yoon

Kyung Youl Yoon worked as an artist in Seoul, South Korea, and eventually moved to Madrid, Spain to further his education and career in art. He studied painting and printmaking at the University of Bellas Artes in Spain and held many exhibitions in Spain and other countries in Europe for seven years. He then immigrated to the United States in 1995 to promote his artwork beyond continents and continue pursuing his passion in art. Presently, Yoon lives in New Jersey and has been holding exhibitions in the New Jersey-New York metropolitan cities. Notably, Yoon works with a wide variety of mediums, namely oil-based,acrylic, watercolor, plexi-glass, mirrors, aluminum, mixed media, and printmaking to create innovative artworks. He expresses himself, his emotions, imagination, thoughts, and mind through his artwork. His abstract works are metaphorical expressions created in a vast world. [...]