Kyle Meyer

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Photographic weaving 11x14
Photographic weaving 20x30
Photographic weaving 16x20
Photographic weaving 12x12
Photographic weaving 16x20
Artist's Statement

With the world of photography becoming over saturated with photographers, I am striving as an artist to use my photographs in new and interesting ways. Traveling through southern Africa for a little over a year as a photographer,I started documenting basket and rug weavers. Curious in learning their craft I was taught by one of the masters how to hand weave baskets and rugs. Once I returned to the States I wanted to continue this specific craft with a modern spin. I started weaving my photography,pushing the colors during processing and mathematically mapping out patterns. Being Inspired by these new textures and imagery, I have started pushing how pieces were coming together. Now incorporating layering, hand sewing, and bleaching techniques to my photographs I have become focused on making my 2 dimensional images into sculptural pieces.


EDUCATION Bachelor of Fine Arts, City College of New York 
Concentration in Photography and Graphic Design.

2010 Mortimer B. Hayes- Brandeis Travelling Fellowship
2009 Jack Steers Prize in Art
2009 Connor Award
2008 Connor Award


The City College of New York
“Student Photo Exhibition”
New York, NY 10031

Casa Frela Gallery
“14 A photographic Conversation”
New York, NY 10031

The City College of New York
“Graphic Design Exhibition”
New York, NY 10031
2008 & 2007

Healing Through the Arts Festival
Ashland, OH 44805