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Kristina Nazarevskaia

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Musings of an Old Man V 72" x 120"
Musings of an Old Man I 60" x 144"
A Million Miles from Now X 60" x 72"
A Million Miles from Now 36" x 66"
A Million Miles from Now 30" x 66"
Artist's Statement

The ultimate objective of my work is to initiate a complex and dynamic dialogue with the viewer. I rely on the experiences and a unique narrative the audience brings to my art. Even if that narrative is not immediately identified the exchange starts as the viewer becomes cognizant of a connection to the painting. Please see for full statement


Born in Armenia, Kristina Nazarevskaia was raised in Moscow and Addis Ababa , Ethiopia , before coming to America in 1991.

Since her first New York showing in May 2001, her works have been exhibited in Moscow , Bratislava, Vienna and Brussels . Kristina's clients are as diverse as the countries they represent. From Japan to Australia , France to Russia , Canada to Argentina , they all share one universal bond -- this artist's unique perception of life.