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Kristin Vogel

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RYBWB (photography on canvas)
YBW (photography on canvas)
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BR (photography on canvas)
Artist's Statement

I consider myself an artist who is inspired by the organic shapes and forms of everyday life. These shapes and structures are used within my designing process and help me structure my art pieces. I work with a variety of materials to find these new structures as well as research an array of images to be able to spark a new idea. I try to see the world in its most simple form of a shape and use that to create a more organic but structured body of work.


Kristin Vogel is a 22 year old woman who recently graduated from Marist College with a Major in Digital Media, a Minor in Graphic Design as well as a certificate in Advertising and Art Design. A series that she had worked on while still a student was inspired by Mondrian's Composition II Red, Blue and Yellow. Red, blue and yellow are at the center of the color wheel, which is considered the primary colors in art. Mondrian not only utilizes these traditional colors, but he also creatively uses white space in his paintings. With Mondrian’s ideas and colors in mind, She decided to take his composition and break down each individual color into its most basic parts. To expand this idea even further, she had selected five different people each with different cultural backgrounds and ideals to represent each particular color.

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