Kiyoshi Ike

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Brooklyn Sidewalk 2014
Brooklyn Sidewalk 2014 details
Fruits Comport 2014
Autumn Ripples 2005
Autumn Ripples #8 2005
Artist's Statement

My work is an investigation into my present state of mind, exploring deep into my psyche. The creative process makes me feel closer to the core of sadness, pleasure or anger. At the same time, it helps me feel calm and to further explore new medium, thinking it’s right for the feeling I am investigating.  I see the feeling through one finished work at a time and I move on to create another while the feeling is still with me. This process not only assists me in exploring my core, but also builds a cohesive collection of work.  Making an installation, a collection of sculptures, paintings, or works on paper, my process is the same, they are based on my state of mind. When I see them a decade later in a show or put them out in my house, I transcends into the moment of that creative time.



1999 Teachers College, Columbia University
MA International Education
1994 Syracuse University
BFA Sculpture

Selected One-man Exhibitions
2005 “Recent Sculptures” CONCEPTO – Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2004 CONCEPTO – Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2002 The Galleries: Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, OR
“Passages”, a site specific installation
1990 Square Gallery, Syracuse, NY
“Greek Studies – Recent Drawings”