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Studio Building
Studio Interior
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What I want to speak / Mixed media_14x9x7(in) /2014
Another person in my mind/ Mixed media, installation /2013
A person Disguised_01 /Mixed Media on board /33.1×46.8 (in) / 2015
A person Disguised_02/ Media on board /33.1×46.8 (in) / 2015
A person Disguised_03 Media on board /33.1×46.8 (in) / 2015
Artist's Statement

My artworks are a result of observation on status anxiety and constant search of moment of rest in the relationships with people. I want to recreate the struggles as a narrative on each piece with the materials from everyday life. In my artworks, I use a lot of synthetic plastic materials and its artificial bright colors. I find them resembling the big metropolitan cities that I have had living in and my interactions with others in the city. My artworks are inspired by my experiences in the big cities where it may seem stimulating, exciting and glamorous on the outside, but it is rather pretentious and carries the emptiness from inside. With my other mediums of work such as, fashion magazines, I remove models from well–staged fashion advertisement to my blank canvas. Selected faces and body parts are characters of each story and carefully collaged with the plastic materials to show the moment of tension and release alongside.


I am a South Korea born and raised , NYC based artist ,have worked in Brooklyn and Seoul. My foundation is fine art and fashion styling that both relationship is like white on rice with me. I have had 5 solo shows, have done several fashion projects, visual directing for dance company and curating for exhibition also many medias featured my works or activities in NYC and Korea alongside.

Since I was childhood, a free interplay with art and fashion that all day drew and stylized on doll’s from head to toe ,also I mimicked style to model on the fashion magazine though skip the meal. My mom incuraged my artistic talent and respected what I chosen and expressed as always that would have made me now