Kinuko Imai Hoffman

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Dream 40" x 30" - Acrylic, paper, leather and twine on canvas
Whispering Wind 30" x 30" - Acrylic, cloth and twine on canvas
Encounter 50" x 38" - Acrylic, canvas cloth and twine on canvas
Fate 46" x 36" - Acrylic, wood and twine on canvas
Emerging 44" x 36" - Acrylic and paper on canvas
Kinuko Imai
Artist's Statement

My work explores my personal interpretations of daily life through harmonious mixed media assemblages, inviting the viewer to absorb both the complexity and the clarity of my vision. I construct my paintings in a unified manner to ensure that a strong theme is recognized on the canvas — a method developed through my previous training as a traditional Chinese brush painter.
I've been deeply influenced by the beauty and serenity of Japanese culture, reflected through blending and layering bold-colored undertones with a minimalist color palette to create landscapes of depth and contrast.
Raw material assemblages (wood, cloth, paper, pumice and twine) further transform my final pieces into symbolic collages expressing the constant movement of people and currency in today's times. Exploring compositions and colors with these materials transports the viewer into a meditative state where complexity, balance, drama and clarity unite.


Kinuko Imai Hoffman studied traditional Chinese brush painting for over 15 years. She initially trained in the painting style typical of the Song Dynasty with Chinese brush painting Master Jan Ibin in Taipei, Taiwan, later studying a freer, abstract technique of Chinese southern style with Master Ian Chung in Hong Kong, China.
She later attended The National Academy of Arts in New York and joined The Art Students League of New York and explored Western style painting.

2012 First Street Gallery, Group Exhibition, Chelsea, New York, NY
2012 Viridian Artist Gallery, Group Exhibition, Chelsea, New York, NY
2011 3rd Annual Small Works Exhibition, Manhattan Borough President's Gallery, New York, NY
2011 JETAANY Artist Showcase Fundraiser, Japanese Ambassador's Residence, New York, NY