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Kimberly Patino

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"Conjuring", 2015, Photography, 20 x 20
"Slowly Drifting", 2015, Photography, 20 x 20
"Wandering Winds", 2015, Photography, 20 x 20
"The Ravens Song", 2015, Photography, 20 x 20
"Flutter To Freedom", 2015, Photography, 20 x 20
Artist's Statement

I photograph things around me to define reality. Whether it’s a self-portrait or landscape, my job as a photographer is to capture a moment in time. But my camera is in a constant battle with my mind and what reality is meant to look like. While my eyes tell me that landscape and nature is viewed one way, my mind breaks it into pieces and how I am supposed to be portrayed in landscape – as surreal, mystical and demented.

My work is a dance between my mind being in a surreal state while living in a simple landscape setting. These portraits are different alter egos and characters of how I "should" be portrayed in nature. Using photography, I work to capture the land at that moment in time while taming my minds definition of reality.


Kimberly Patiño (b. 1989) is a New York based photographer and artist. She received a BA from Hunter College and studied with Gloria Inès Patiño de Arbelàez, a Colombian painter. Her work focuses on portraiture in fine art and surrealism. Kimberly’s work has exhibited at The See.Me Gallery, The 440 Gallery, Greenpoint Gallery, Bowery Gallery and the Art Crasher traveling gallery. Her work has been published in various magazines & websites such as Adobe Student.

She currently lives in Hartsdale, NY.