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K.I.A. K.I.A.

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"e dot tree dot" by K.I.A. Morse-code-fractured, shorthand-enhanced forest. 84" x 60", oilstick on aluminum.
"Turbo Aragato" by K.I.A. Kabuki calligraphy, jet engine blue print. 84" x 60", oilstick on aluminum.
"((o))" by K.I.A. Recombinant light-shifting painting. Acrylic on aluminum panels.60" x 60".
"Accelration/Still" by K.I.A. 2D-3D-4D sculpture; 27' x 16', 300-panel painting arranged sculpturally , recombinant over time.
"TreeBoltNeuron" by K.I.A. Off-the-shelf conduit sculpture. 30' x 12' x 2'.
Artist's Statement

K.I.A. makes hypersculptures, morse-code-fractured forests, kabuki-jet engines, accretion paintings, micropoems, wood code and... more:


"Ever evolving exhibitions of his kinetic madcap sculptures"-GLOBE & MAIL
"K.I.A. is about art-making, music-making and idea-spinning... images, symbols and glyphs are everywhere"-The STAR
"The art can be rearrange just as a performer interprets a piece of music" -CBC
"...the mask transformed into a massive architected flower" -LOLA

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