Kevin Connolly Gillespie

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Completed a few months back, thinking about how fagile and beautiful nature is.
Trying to intergrate traditional western and eastern styles.
Realistic and stylized.Common traditional techniques.
Traditional subject, contemporary method.
Traditional technique, contemporary materials.
Kevin Connolly
Artist's Statement

I integrate aspects of many traditions in a contemporary method. Each piece utilizes elements of my every day experiences, stemming from aesthetics to internal insights. As a result, a personal culture is reveled.
I first begin with references and sketches, creating and playing with concept. I redefine and clarify the sketches on canvas, at this stage concept is solidified through imagery .
The composition and use of color are manipulated continually throughout production. Here my concern is focused on the type of materials used, order of progression and balance of the weight of color.
My current work is influenced by Tibetan art. I feel the graphic style, use of line and rendering of nature works well in a contemporary setting.


NAME: Kevin Connolly Gillespie BIRTH: 13 February 1975, Johannesburg, South Africa PERSONAL WEBSITE:
2007- ongoing Studies in Tibetan Painting, Pema Rinzin

Fine Arts Diploma, Parktown College, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1996 (Major in Painting, Drawing, Photography)