Kerry Irvine

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Shift and Shade - 2011 acrylic on canvas 42"x48"
Midnight in the Garden - 2011 acrylic and oil stick on linen 48"x63"
Koi Pond - 2011 acrylic, gouache and oil stick on linen 40"x46"
Floating Matters - 2011 acrylic, oil stick and pastel on linen 42" x 48'"
Tree of Life - 2011 acrylic on canvas 36" x 38"
Artist's Statement

As a child I was given the gift of art from my late mother. Following in her footsteps, I chose the paintbrush as my primary tool. She encouraged me to look deeply into the world around me and put to canvas whatever I saw. I tended to see a world infused with color, light, motion and a bit of mysticism.

The mystery of the ever-changing landscape intrigues and inspires me. I have realized that both consciously and unconsciously, I am always recording color and form. When I look out I see lines and shapes dancing to the rhythm of color.

Be it by the human figure or color fields in the landscape, I am constantly inspired by what I see and feel. When I paint I rely on instinct and an inner voice. At times I find myself working as if in a dream state, neither awake nor asleep, and not quite sure how I have arrived at “The End” when I do.


Kerry Irvine is an abstract expressionist painter who lives and works in the West Village of Manhattan